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23rd July 2024 
Supervision- Online and Face to Face. ACTO new

Face to Face and Online Supervision in Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, and Lincolnshire.

Face to face and Online Counselling Supervision
Supervisees can access either Face to face and Online Supervision. Online supervision can be accessed via Instant message,, voice only, or Webcam. The fee is £50 per hour . The session duration can be for one, or one and a half hours .All fees are payable in advance. My practice is based in Walpole Cross keys, Kings Lynn. Norfolk.

Supervision online
Due to time constraints and difficulties with travel arrangements for receiving clinical supervision of client work, the provision of Online supervision can be an effective alternative to face to face supervision. I offer online supervision using email and synchronous meetings via Zoom and Vsee, using voice only (similar to telephone supervision), or with webcam which is very similar to face to face supervision. You choose which medium most suits your needs.
I am an ACTO Senior Accredited practitioner ( Counsellor and Supervisor)
Face to face supervision
My Face to Face and Online supervision practice is based at Walpole cross keys, near Kings Lynn in Norfolk and close to the border of Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire. If you are counselling seeking supervision please contact me for a free initial chat so you can meet me via Zoom and ask questions about my supervision practice and contexts of my current and previous client work. I am accessible to counsellors seeking a
face to face or online supervisor in Lincolnshire, Norfolk, and Cambridgeshire.

Supervision- Online and Face to Face. pebbles

Online Supervision

Counselling Supervisor and Online Supervision Services:

Due to time constraints, travel arrangements, or difficulties with accessing a supervisor within your local area, the option of working with a supervisor using the internet has always been an effective alternative to face to face supervision. My practice offers both online and face to face supervision. As many counsellors transferred their client work online since March 2020, and it has become more pertinent to receive online supervision with a qualified and experienced online supervisor.This is also strongly recommended by ACTO and BACP, to receive your supervision of the work in the same medium, and with a supervisor who is fully experienced and qualified to practice and supervise online. This enhances you work as a counsellor and also offers a good sense of containment in respect of some of the practical and technical issues that may arise within your online client practice.
I provide individual and group Online supervision through email, Instant messenging, voice (similar to telephone supervision), or voice and webcam using Zoom or Vsee.
You can choose which medium most suits your needs as a counsellor and your client practice. If you prefer face to face supervision this is available at my practice which is based near KingsLynn and close to the Lincolnshire border.
It is important to feel that you have a good connection with your supervisor and that online supervision provides the right space for you to safely explore your client work. If you are considering approaching me for counselling supervision I can offer an initial free 30 minute discussion via Zoom to help you decide if working with me as your supervisor feels comfortable for you, your theoretical approach, your client groups, and relevant for the context of your clinical practice etc. Please contact me via the email contact form on this website to arrange a time to meet.
I work from an integrative theoretical practice. My foundation training was in Psychodynamic therapy, but later i moved towards a Humanistic and Person Centred approach. I have also completed CBT training. My professional background has been founded in voluntary, organisational, schools, colleges, and universites, also private practice contexts and extends over 27 years.
I have worked extensively in supporting supervisees whose client work focuses on the following presenting issues:
Anxiety, Depression, Relationship difficulties, Trauma, Childhood sexual abuse, Rape or Sexual assault, Bereavement and Loss, Sexual /Gender identity, Disability, Addiction, Family or Friendship difficulties, ADHD, and Neuro Divergence,
I originally worked in general counselling practice, schools, further and higher education positions, and consistently within private practice. My supervision practice has also included these contexts of client work. Having held positions where i was a manager of counselling services, I provide extensive support to counsellors and supervisors who are also holding a clinical lead or managerial role. I can offer supervisees a broad range of experience to help support them in their client and supervision practice, particularly where they are working online, or have adopted a blended approach of face to face and online client work. I regularly support supervisees who are undergoing accreditation with professional bodies such as BACP.

Supervision practice- Face to face and Online
I have been practicing as a supervisor for counsellors since 1998 and have worked via computer mediated counselling with clients and supervisees since 2004. I began face to face counselling practice in 1995.
As a BACP Accredited Counsellor, and in my practice as Counselling Supervisor I work within the BACP Ethical Framework for Counselling and Supervision.
I have provided counselling supervision in a variety of contexts including private practice, education and youth counselling services, Bereavement services, voluntary and charitable organisations, and within FE and HE institutions in Leicester and Nottingham, LGBTQ, Sexual abuse and Rape.. This has included both individual and group supervision.
In my work as an counselling supervisor I have a commitment to being supportive, accessible, and approachable. I also place a strong emphasis on developing a good working relationship with supervisees in which there is an ethical and structured alliance, that also provides the space to be creative in exploring client work. From my own experience of being in supervision I feel it's important to work with a supervisor whom you feel comfortable and safe with, and who offers the best service for you and for your client work. It's not always possible to determine that by reading through a supervisors website information.
Online Supervision
My fee for supervision face to face or online is £50 per hour. Online supervision may can consist of IM ( live chat), voice only, or webcam supervision meeting via a secure platform such as Vsee or Zoom. As supervisee you can choose which medium you prefer.

Online Counselling Training and Consultancy
I have a background in Counselling training and can offer consultancy support or training services upon request. Please contact me to discuss your needs in this area of Counselling/ supervision work:

contact online counselling and supervision

Supervision- Online and Face to Face. J at work station

ACTO Approved Training Provider

Jane Evans. Counselling,Online Counselling,Counselling supervision,Online Supervision. Bsed near Kings Lynn Norfol.